Open quote I found David to be a very strong leader, both with his team and also in managing key internal and external stakeholders. He is a strong communicator, a passionate conceptual thinker and strategist. There were many examples of where David challenged status quo business processes searching for better ways of doing things. I believe David is at his best where he is in a position of leading change and managing key relationships with a strong team to execute the plan. Close quote
David DiPietro   (CFO - Breville Australasia)
Open quote I always felt comfortable knowing you were there. Close quote
Bill Ducat   (Director, Supply Chain Business Development - Blue Horseshoe)
Open quote The lift in morale and general staff enthusiasm towards improvement has increased noticeably since David's involvement hence we have asked David to continue his work with SSS on a consultative basis. Close quote
Ian Barr   (General Manager - SSS Australia)
Open quote I have no hesitation in recommending David's services and as further and perhaps the highest recommendation is that we will be re-engaging him. Close quote
Bob Cameron   (Owner - Rockcote Industries)
Open quote David brings undoubted talent and ability to any task presented to him and I am sure that he will provide any future client with "more than their money's worth". Close quote
Bob Judge   (Managing Director - Cox Industries)
Open quote I found David to be extremely hard working and committed to delivering the best result for the company challenging the status quo... David communicated well with the key stakeholders and the steering committee to address project issues in a timely manner to reduce the risks associated with the project. Close quote
Jack Lord   (CEO - Breville Group)
Open quote I'm always happy to speak about you David, as I would even question if we would still be running if we hadn't stumbled across you. Close quote
(General Manager - Major Australian distribution company - wishing to remain anonymous, but will take referral calls)
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